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Meet Your Brand’s Biggest Cheerleader & Hype Gal

Hey, hi hello! I’m Sarah! I’m thrilled that you’ve landed in my little corner of the internet-verse. I’m totally obsessed with the work I get to do every day in my creative studio — and I’d love to help make your biz journey a little more colorful and a whole lot more fun.

Sooo... creating has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I’d doodle with any pen, marker, or paint I could get my hands on… but everything changed the day my family got our first computer. My passion for art and design went digital. I’d hole up in my bedroom for hours and hours, picking apart code and rewriting it to fancy up my Myspace profile (yes, I definitely just outed myself as a millennial!). 

So it surprised exactly no one that I went on to study computer science at vocational school, followed by graphic design and new media at Johnson + Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. I worked in the fashion industry for a while and while it was fun, it didn’t feed my soul.

Then during undergrad I secured a design internship at an incredible women-centric nonprofit in Rhode Island called The Lady Project. The company’s mission was simple: to connect, inspire + showcase amazing women making a positive impact on the world.

My passion ignited, I moved up from intern to Creative Director in no time — and in the five years I spent there, I discovered my “why”: I wanted to use my design skills + expertise to help ambitious women achieve their big business goals.

Fast-forward five years, an Etsy shop, a few freelance gigs and one global pandemic later...

I knew if there was ever a time in my life to launch my own design studio, it was now or never. Sure, I was terrified - after all, I had always worked for someone else and building my own company seemed like climbing Mt. Everest - but I was also determined. I had skills + talents I wanted to share with others + goddamnit, I set out to do just that.
Today my passion for design + love for my fellow female-founded businesses fuels what’s become the Social Darling Studio. Inspiring other women to fearlessly show off their talents and create their dream business is my mission with every woman I meet, whether we work together or not - because everyone deserves to build a life they’re obsessed with.

Ready to make all your design dreams come true?

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