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hi! I'm sarah

I empower female hustlers + go-getters to live their dreams by helping them step into their brand magic. Because your talent, gifts + skills deserve to be shared with the world - all you need is a kickass online presence that lets them shine.

And as a designer, I’m so grateful that I get to do that every day.

Creating has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I’d doodle with any pen, marker, or paint I could get my hands on… but everything changed the day my family got our first computer.

I’d hole up in my bedroom for hours and hours, picking apart code and rewriting it to fancy up my Myspace profile (yes, I definitely just outed myself as a millennial!). 

So it surprised exactly no one that I went on to study computer science, followed by graphic design at Johnson + Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. After graduation, I worked in the fashion industry — and while it was fun, it didn’t feed my soul.

To be creative is to bring something into existence...

My passion for design went digital...

Then I got a job as Creative Director for an incredible women-centric nonprofit in Rhode Island called The Lady Project. The company’s mission was simple: to connect, inspire + showcase amazing women making a positive impact on the world.

The five years I spent at The Lady Project helped me discover my “why”: I wanted to use my design expertise to help ambitious women achieve their business goals.

And so Social Darling Studio was born in 2020.

Until I discovered my passion for collaborating with female-founded brands.

My Mission:

to help fearless female-founded businesses

to help fearless female-founded brands level up their online presence with modern, authentic branding + websites.

Ready to make all your design dreams come true? 

up their online presence with modern, authentic branding + websites.

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