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We’re Visual Creatures

13 MILLISECONDS, that’s all it takes 🤯 We’re visual creatures because 90% of all the information we absorb by the brain is done through our eyes

Our brains are wired to interpret images incredibly fast; one MIT study found that “humans can correctly identify entire image after viewing them for less than 13 milliseconds.”

In the online world that is today, this should come as no surprise.

W’re absorbing everything on the internet through those eyeballs of ours, followed up only by our hearing as we watch videos, movies or listen to music

There’s no smell-a-vision yet and no way for us to touch products through our screens; which means that SIGHT is our strongest sense. THIS is why branding + creating a visual representation of our business in the online world is so important.


It’s absolutely crazy that our eyes + brains are that good at recognizing images in an instant.

When we have a brand identity + are consistent with it, our followers start to recognize our brand before even seeing our faces! Think about those big name brands you know + can recognize right off the bat

Brand identity is so much more than “just a logo” – we use specific fonts, colors, graphic styles, emojis, icons, images, GIFs and even Instagram Story filters to help round out our brand identity. All to provide our followers + supporters with a full brand experience

The power of visual marketing (aka using photos, graphics, text + video) to market a product or service is here to stay, especially in the online space… at least until we can invent smell-a-vision 😉

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